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ALBUM REVIEW | We Came As Romans – Cold Like War

Hope Jordan December 2, 2017 Comments Off on ALBUM REVIEW | We Came As Romans – Cold Like War
ALBUM REVIEW | We Came As Romans – Cold Like War
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We Came As Romans is back! But this isn’t just a comeback, it is a rebirth!

Nowadays it is rare for metal bands to trace back to their original roots. This revamping could be in light of the group’s hindsight from their 2013 album, “Tracing Back Roots” because “Cold As War” is rather nostalgic.

WCAR is bringing back the heat with familiar sound yet clear evidence of growth, accompanied by a powerful energy that I believe can only be derived from one’s soul and personal experience of prevailing through turmoil. We Came As Romans is the band that turned me to the sounds of Metal Core back in high school, and is still among my list of bands I recommend to those looking to dip their toes into the realm of heavier music.

Winning over my heart album after album, WCAR has proven to be resilient in the face of adversity. Their new album kicks off with the song, “Vultures With Clipped Wings” where a growl from screamer Dave Stephens resonates, “Starve, you won’t feed on these dreams again,” a proclamation I firmly believe is directed to their former record label along with any and all “vultures” that have tried to alter or hitch a ride on the coattails of their sound and success. It is evident an album such as this is the product and symbolization of breaking free from a mold that was erroneously cast.

The members have managed to produce mature and genuine lyrical content that people from any background or situation can empathize with. Who better to bring these words to life than the dynamic combination of Dave Stephens and Kyle Pavone. With Kyle back at it on the keys and electronics, David Puckett, former drummer of “For Today” now taking his place as WCAR’s new drummer, guitarist and songwriter Joshua Moore, guitarist Lou Cotton, and Andy Glass on bass? The collaboration of these artists composes what we now consider: “We Came As Romans Rebirth” and has solidified my hype for the band’s rekindling with Sharp Tone Records.

Gentlemen, you had my attention…but now you have my heart, once more.
This confirms and concludes the album is fucking killer.

Album Review by Hope Jordan

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