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ALBUM REVIEW | Voices – Resurgence

Hope Jordan February 8, 2018 Comments Off on ALBUM REVIEW | Voices – Resurgence
ALBUM REVIEW | Voices – Resurgence
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Metalcore has always been a favorite genre of mine, mainly due to a binary use of vocals transitioning from screams to clean singing. It’s that perfect equilibrium of heavy and soft. And let’s be honest, I don’t care how many times you’ve heard a breakdown, they always get you moving. Then to add the sub-genre of melodic in front of metalcore? Well, you can find me on the dance floor attempting to tango and headbang at the same time. With these two-fold vocals coming from a dual vocalist frontman band. My expectations for the heavy and the melodic were exceeded by Voices.

Album art is one of the many factors that can lure a listener to a new artist. And with a cover showcasing a backdrop of geometric lines featuring an illuminated body ascending into the night sky, Voices did just that. This was personally my first time listening to the work of Voices. I surmised that the band had to be at least decent upon reading in their online biography that they’ve shared the stage with acts such as: We Came As Romans, The Word Alive, Miss May I, Ice Nine Kills and Capsize. After giving their tracks a listen leaving me in a euphoniously aroused state, I wasn’t surprised by this resume. Only dumbfounded I hadn’t heard of Voices sooner.

The opening track “Demons” (which also has a cool graphically designed lyric video) starts out with a harmonic synthesized soundscape including a roughly 30-second crescendo of guitar riffs. An enticing intro to the beginning of this album’s story.

“Beneath me is the future, the past I let it drag me here”. Immediately I was enthused with the vigorous growl emitted from screamer Clint Simpson. Who honorably kept a good impression on me throughout the entire EP. Blaine Gaiser, the clean vocalist, has obviously found his niche through utilizing a falsetto method in his singing, reminding me of vocalist Tyler Carter from the band ISSUES. Gaiser swooned me with his delivery of the chorus in “Worth (Keep Me Blind) “. Captivatingly rendering, “No I am not your slave” which, depending on the mood I’m in, could arguably be my favorite single off of the EP. Honestly, it’s toilsome to choose a favorite with the instrumental and vocal versatility that stems from each song. From the pleasant composition of “Haze” to the pop vibe in “Forgive & Forget”, to the slow and soft tempo in “Back To Life”.

Through the lyrical content, the band tells a story of situational circumstances reflecting on internal conflicts that any viewer at some point in their life is able to empathize with. This allows their listeners to relate and hopefully realize they aren’t alone. I mean, look at these guys? If these grown men can feel, well damnit so can the rest of us!!!


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