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Album Review | TIMEWORN – Venomous High

Colin Steele June 3, 2017 Comments Off on Album Review | TIMEWORN – Venomous High
Album Review | TIMEWORN – Venomous High
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It’s no secret I love stoner/sludge.  Norways’s Timeworn is back with their second fell-length, Venomous High.  This record is chock full of sludgy guitars, heavy groove, and plenty of post-metal drone.  Unlike doomier sludge bands that mostly Sabbath-worship (which I enjoy just as much), Timeworn is more along the lines of early Mastodon mixed with Sunn O))).  There’s a great mixture of spaced out clean vocals as well as harsh screams.  The first song, “Measure Of Gold” gives us an immediate indication of what this album is all about right from the get-go.  I usually go into listening to sludge with the expectation of longer songs, however Venomous High smartly takes the only 2 reasonably long songs (both just over 7 minutes) and bookends the album with them, leaving the bulk of the easy to listen to without getting lost.  “Black Peak Blues” almost belongs on one of Mastodon’s first records.  Its got a thick, slow groove that makes your whole body move.  “Night Of Owls” brings in a good bluesy intro that heavies itself up magnificently.  I don’t get to listen to a whole lot of bands like this, so I’m enjoying it.  Checking out Timeworn’s debut album is now on my to do list.  These guys have a unique sound within their genre, and as long as they keep it up, they will go far.

Review by: Colin Steele

Top Tracks: “Measure Of Gold”, “Black Peak Blues”, “The Infectious Gloom”


About The Band:

Norwegian sludgy noise makers Timeworn return with their second full-length album “Venomous High”, the follow up to 2015’s critically lauded debut “Luminescent Wake”.

Recorded at Oslo’s legendary Caliban studios (Sibiir, Blood Command, Djevel, etc…), the new album presents a broader repertoire of tones and a bit more emphasis on ambiance than its predecessor. Timeworn are still able to churn some crushingly heavy moments listeners have come to expect from them, yet this time the darker and ambient sections have become a bit more nuanced and effective.
Masterfully merging the heavy and muscular riffs of their hardcore roots with a dark and eerie atmosphere, Timeworn have really outdone themselves on this new album, showing a massive range of experimentation and growth as a band.

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