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ALBUM REVIEW | The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom

KaeOtic March 9, 2018 Comments Off on ALBUM REVIEW | The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom
ALBUM REVIEW | The Crown – Cobra Speed Venom

March 16th brings us the release of The Crown‘s new album, “Cobra Speed Venom”.

The band originally formed in 1990 and have been purveyors of a particular blend of Swedish thrash/death metal, and this new album shows that they have honed those chops. The Crown are not afraid to go balls to the wall, with everything pegged out. This album is like speeding down a highway on fire.

The album opener, ‘Destroyed By Madness’, unfolds with an ominous orchestrated-almost-sea-chant sounding dirge, and rips right into some speed-picked riffs that break into gnarly blasts. A very vicious opening track with a nice solo break chock full of harmonies, that gives us some insight in to how this album will play out.

The next track is the single, “Iron Crown”, has a definite death n’ roll vibe that keeps you headbanging with it’s almost arena explosion sensibilities. The drummer Henrik Axelsson is an absolute beast just switching gears and ripping ass through the whole track.

Other tracks on this record that have definitely received multiple plays from me include, “Cobra Speed Venom”, which has a very Sabbathian intro, but immediately shifts gears in to brutal Swedish death territory. “World War Machine”, also very classic death metal in execution complete with marching boots leading the way into a very Testament sounding track. “Rise in Blood”, is a great compliment track to the aforementioned. Just solid death metal. The track, “Where My Grave Shall Stand”, is a very tasteful melodic instrumental number that gives way to “The Sign of the Scythe”.

What can I say? This record is a ripper, and a keeper. I’ve played the promo at least a dozen times, especially while driving, and it’s made me speed before I realized. That is always a solid indicator of great fast metal for me. The bonus tracks are definitely worth checking out as well. There hides some slower more pulverizing tracks, but by no means are they even a smidgen of bad. Solid.

I once again give a giant thank you to Johan Lindstrand (vocals), Magnus Olsfelt (bass), Marko Tervonen (guitar), Robin Sörqvist (lead guitar/vocals), and Henrik Axelsson (drums). The album was recorded at Studio Fredman and produced together with Fredrik Nordström.

Writer/Contributor: Daniel Johnson

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