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ALBUM REVIEW | Separations – Bloom

Colin Steele June 22, 2017 Comments Off on ALBUM REVIEW | Separations – Bloom
ALBUM REVIEW | Separations – Bloom
Overall Score

Ok, I have to say it.  Why are these guys not bigger???  This album is awesome!  I didn’t know quite what to expect when I got the description.  It really just said “rock”.  Totally off the mark.  If you combined the vocals of Hybrid Theory-era Chester Bennington and the industrial modern metal of bands like Sybreed and Mnemic, you’d have a good idea of what Atlanta, GA’s Separations is like.  Their sophomore album Bloom kinda djents.  The music itself isn’t anything crazy in terms of Meshuggah-like polyrhythms, but the guitar tone and tight rhythms definitely fall into the djenty category.  There are also lots of backing electronics and ambience that really fill in the empty spaces and round out the songs.  It allows the emotions to flow more freely.  The kicker for this band are the strong as hell vocals.  Singer Will Crafton has a powerful voice that can do both thick, heavy harshes but also soaring clean lines (as well as a great in between).  Immediately upon hearing the first song, “Hollow”, his voice sounded familiar.  As I mentioned before, he reminds me of Chester Bennington…but he also reminds me a lot of one of favorite underrated nu-metal vocalists, Jett from a band called From Zero (nobody remembers them!).  His melodies are catchy and well done, and he’s got great harmonies to boot.  All that combined with the solid instrumentation make Separations a powerhouse.  Its got plenty of head banging moments (“Passenger”, “Lionheart”) but also lots of melody (“Exist”, “Clarity”).  Every song has airplay potential.  There really isn’t any filler here.  This is one of the few bands where I liked it so much, I actually went back and got ahold of their first album.  Honestly, Bloom has been a staple on my iPod rotation since I got ahold of it, and I think its gonna stay there for a good little while.


Rating: 5/5

Top Tracks: “Hollow”, “Passenger”, “Brother”

About the band:

Standing out from the pack isn’t always easy. However, it’s essential for some, and from the beginning, Separations’ desire has been to blaze their own trail.  The Atlanta quintet strikes a delicate balance between energetic heaviness and melodic hypnosis on its full-length debut album for Imagen Records, ‘Dream Eater,’ released October 2, 2015 and produced by James Paul Wisner (Underoath, Hands Like Houses, Dashboard Confessional).

Their sophomore album, “Bloom” will pick up where the story of the band’s first conceptual album “Dream Eater” left off.

The time is coming to unite with Separations.

“Bloom” will be released worldwide on June 23 via Imagen Records

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