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ALBUM REVIEW | Narcotic Wasteland – Delirium Tremens

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ALBUM REVIEW | Narcotic Wasteland – Delirium Tremens
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Narcotic Wasteland

Review by: Dan Johnson

Narcotic Wasteland returns with their sophomore album Delirium Tremens, out Friday, October 13th via Megaforce Records/MRI
If you are one of the uninitiated, Dallas Toler-Wade split with death metal giants Nile earlier this year, in several interviews he also stated that he would solely focus on only Narcotic Wasteland.

And focus he did…

The first few seconds of Introspective Nightmares kicks you in the teeth with thrashy death metal riffs riding on a wave of blast beats – a clear indication these guys aren’t fucking around. If this one doesn’t get you headbanging, turn away now. Blackened chords and groove give way to a very tasty solo, but it won’t be the last.

The next track is the album’s first single, Faces of Meth, a grindy and hilariously titled number that somehow reminds me of Today Is The Dayon a prescription of thrash. “Smoking crystal meth until your face is deformed”, is a sadly true state of being that many addicts adhere to.

Return to the Underground is a definite favorite of mine, the album’s third track is the embodiment of a windmill. It is not without drawing similarities to Toler-Wade’s former project. “No smoke and mirrors, no fucking filter”, is a battle cry sure to make many a circle pit open. Man, the riffs on this one. Wait until you hear that cut-time mind fuck at the end.

We Agnostics is pure death metal brutality that leads in to In Memoriam, which is a beautiful acoustic interlude. We only get one minute of that somber number before skulls get cracked with the anthemic riffs of Bleed and Swell; A solid fist-pumping number that throws me back into the glory days of heavy metal complete with soaring lead guitar harmonies.

The album’s namesake Delirium Tremens, is a blackened-death-winged-monster flying overhead casting shades of grind. Phil Cancilla is really killing the drums on this one.

A suspenseful piano driven interlude in the form of Self Immolation leads us into the war known as Life Revolted. Here, we are treated with professional shredders showing you how to properly metal. Just when you think you can predict the path the track will take, it laughs in your face and sends you back into the minefield.

Which leads us into another favorite of mine, You Will Die Alone. This track is a pure hate machine, with Toler-Wade and (Ed) Rhone calling out and for the downfall and sad ending to the poor soul on the receiving end. This is a track I can get behind. I know plenty of people I can scream these lyrics at.

All I can say about Husk is it is one of the album’s more furious numbers… again with the band really shining – locked into a speedy death assault. I feel sorry for the hapless souls caught in the pit if the band plays this one live.

Pharma Culture is the final track on Delirium Tremens, denouncing the act of deception. We are met with proclamations of “You lie!”, calling out the deceivers in their tracks. There will be no one allowed to sneak out or cross these guys.

My final take on this record is that it is a solid sophomore release, with plenty of rage and fire to go around. If you were fans of Toler-Wade’s former band, or just now cutting your teeth with Narcotic Wasteland, you should find plenty of tracks to be solid death metal material. Of particular note, is the infusion of different styles, which really adds accessibility to extreme music fans. I can’t help but remember the various bands Toler-Wade has shared the stage with, most definitely inspiring him on these tracks.

Narcotic Wasteland
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