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ALBUM REVIEW | Conjonctive – In The Mouth Of The Devil

Colin Steele June 6, 2017 Comments Off on ALBUM REVIEW | Conjonctive – In The Mouth Of The Devil
ALBUM REVIEW | Conjonctive – In The Mouth Of The Devil
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Review by Colin Steele

I was already a huge fan of Conjonctive when their debut album, Until The Whole World Dies… came out back in 2013.  This album not only gives us more of the pummeling groove and heaviness that the Swiss sextet has carved their name with, but has stepped up their blackened game and brought in more melancholy melodies and symphonic elements.  I’m always a sucker for good blackened death metal, and Conjonctive’s newest gift to the world, In The Mouth Of The Devil, delivers.

They start with a gratuitous staccato string arrangement that builds to a dissonant crescendo, culminating in the start to “You’re Next” that becomes a blitz attack on your earholes.  Randy (Schaller, vocals) has one of the nastiest screams I’ve heard in a long time.  From down low gutturals to high shrieks, his voice is thick, menacing, and monstrous.  Complimenting him perfectly is co-vocalist Sonia Kaya, whose gruff mid/high screams hearken to Angela Gossow’s prime era in Arch Enemy.  The back and forth style never lets up.  The chugging guitars never get to the point where that’s all it is.  There’s a well-crafted balance of melodic guitar lines, heavy rhythms, and soaring leads.  “Down Into The Abyss” opens with a great guitar lick that sets the tone immediately and is accented by a delicate piano line that just adds to the darkness.

Probably my favorite song is “Let Blow The Grim Wind.”  Its got a great full on death metal feel and when Sonia and Randy trade off a spit-style vocal line over brutal percussive rhythms, I inwardly lamented not having long hair with which to windmill in my car.  The whole album simply slays without mercy.  The final crusher, “Constellations And Black Holes” brings full blackening power to the close of the album with choirs and melodies that evoke a sad beauty.  All things considered, this is in my running for this year’s top releases so far.  You won’t regret picking this album up.

Top Tracks: “You’re Next”, “Let Blow The Grim Wind”, “Defeat The Red Sun”

About The Band: 

Formed in 2007 Conjonctive is a death-metal sextet from Nyon, Switzerland. Their first album “Until The Whole World Dies” was released in October 2013 through Tenacity Music and allowed the band to conquer a leading position in the Swiss metal scene, having toured all over the country and opened for bands such as Crowbar, Biohazard, Aborted, etc…

The group even won two M4Music awards for their single “Somnambulant Cannibal”, which was elected demo of the year and the most promising Swiss rock song of 2014.

Now in 2017, the Swiss group finally returns with their sophomore album titled “In The Mouth Of The Devil”, a dark and aggressive record that truly reveals how strong and mature their technical and songwriting skills have evolved during the last four years. Once again recorded, mixed and mastered by Vladimir Cochet at Conatus Studios, “In The Mouth Of The Devil” is set for worldwide release on March 10th via Tenacity Music.

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