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ALBUM REVIEW | Candiria – While They Were Sleeping

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ALBUM REVIEW | Candiria – While They Were Sleeping
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Review by: Christopher Grier

I am a huge Candiria fan so it is my pleasure to do this review, but I am blown away by this Album as it exceeded my already high expectations for this band.  This is a great Metal album with different layers, that give you a break from the constant screaming without sacrificing the energy of the music and lets you enjoy the creativity, depth and melodies that can be achieved in the Metal genre.  I am as impressed as ever with the up-tempo heavy rhythms laced with Jazz riffs – Candiria combined these layers with a precision a lot of bands would envy – while not depending on the popular trend of leaning on 7 stringed guitars.  They still achieve a heavy sound without sounding muddy.  – Candiria use off timed riffs to perfection without getting too crazy with it!

I loved the fact that being a Metal band didn’t stop them from exploring different melodies to give some contrast and individuality to each song.  As with a lot of bands that have been in the music game a while, they haven’t become stale.  You can really tell they still have a passion for creating music; not trying to change who they are with the changing scene or sounds of today.  Candiria manage to stay true to themselves while keeping their sound relevant.  The use of Jazz infused riffs doesn’t sound forced, it fit in seamlessly with the heavier sounds.  As always, their music is on point, on time and very clean.

The first song, self-titled “While they were sleeping “, and Track 2 “Mereya” are great examples of songs that showcase Candiria’s growth but are still classic Candiria.   Lead singer – Carley Coma: while good on all tracks his duel vocals really stand out to me on songs like “The Whole World Will Burn” and “Behind These Walls”.  He seems to have improved his vocal range and ability to convey different emotional ranges and impacts to the songs.  This also allows for different melodies which keeps their songs from sounding monotone or the same through out.  Your ears won’t get burned out from constant screaming and his cleans don’t sound boy band-ish.

“Behind These Walls” is one of my favorite tracks on this very well written album.  I feel that, it showcases why this band is so good! This song has many different layers to it and the hook on this song catches you immediately.  It is balanced well by the vocals and the music’s groove keeps your attention throughout, and your finger on repeat.

I recommend “While They Were Sleeping” as a great listen to anyone who hasn’t heard Candiria before!  Established fans of this talented group, will really enjoy the effort these guys put into make a great album, as well!  If you haven’t, please give this album a listen. Your ears will thank you for it! This album gets 5 stars from me!

SN: Do yourselves a favor and check out the Official video for “The Whole World Will Burn”. This is another well balanced song with great groove and a catchy hook and great vocal work. (Plus, if you haven’t seen this band before it gives you a somewhat intimate look at them.) You can watch the video below:

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