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ALBUM REVIEW | Blessthefall – Hard Feelings

Hope Jordan March 19, 2018 Comments Off on ALBUM REVIEW | Blessthefall – Hard Feelings
ALBUM REVIEW | Blessthefall – Hard Feelings
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First off, I really enjoy the visual aesthetic for this record. With “Hard Feelings” being illuminated in neon pink hanging against a white brick wall it’s clean, simple, and sometimes less is more. I’ve personally been a fan of Blessthefall since the release of their album “Witness” back in 2009. A little back history of Blessthefall for the readers who are unfamiliar with the Scottsdale, Arizona based band. The band was founded in 2004 and since then have released 5 full-length albums, with “Hard Feelings” being their 6th and 2 EP’s! Music aside the fact that these musicians have been together continuously working in their genre since 2004 speaks volumes. Kudos to you gents!

The band has currently released 2 singles off the album “Melodramatic”, and “Wishful Sinking”. With “Wishful Sinking” being the opening track for “Hard Feelings” kicking off the album with synthesizer frequencies accompanied by choir harmonics leading into a meritorious intro riff at 0:32. Once I listened to the entirety of this album I agree with “Wishful Sinking” being the appropriate curtain-raiser to set the mood and nature for the rest of the album. For those of you who’ve listened to these tracks, I think we can all agree this is possibly more of an experimental and innovative album for Blessthefall. This could be in correlation of the band signing with their new record label “Rise Records”. While Jared Warth’s screams are still sprinkled throughout the tracks, this album has allowed Beau Bokan to truly take the frontman position showcasing the growth in his clean vocals where I felt he took more of a backseat in the past 2 albums with Blessthefall. I think with the sound of this new record and the bands recent signing with “Rise Records” this has set them in motion for extending their audience and stirring up a conversation with their current listeners. Throughout the record, there is a heavy usage of electronics allowing Blessthefall to slip into potential sub-genres of electro-core, techno-core, trance-core? For current Blessthefall fans “Cut Throat” is hands down my favorite track from the album and will most likely be yours as well simply due to the songs heavier attributes.

For me, I feel this album is about learning that sometimes the heart needs more time to accept what the mind already knows, but still being torn between which to listen to. This band truly has a keen ability to shed light on characteristics and situations of which I’m sure we’ve all encountered, but they address these situations in such a way through their lyrical and instrumental content that puts an upbeat spin allowing these scenarios to be seen and experienced through a healthy outlet. I feel they have a good sense of storytelling and truly know how to accent Beau’s lyrical delivery to truly set the tone they want the listeners to perceive.


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