Tuesday 20th November 2018,

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Is Getting A Follow Up

The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here Is Getting A Follow Up

Mike Inez told Framus & Warwick that Alice In Chains began work on the long-awaited follow-up to “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”.

“Today I’m leaving this studio,” where the interview took place, “and going to another studio, and I’m gonna make a bunch of racket,” Inez said during the chat, which can be seen in four parts below.

“Yeah, we’re hard at work,” he continued. “We’re always doing something — I mean, it’s just what we do. We just play, and usually everything else will come together. We used to worry about the label, or the management and… The band has turned into a… It’s a business, you know, and there’s a lot going on [on the] business [end of it]. So when we go into these studios, this is kind of like our clubhouse, this is the place that we go, and we try not to make this business. This is fun, and we try to make our work environment fun for each other.”

Inez added: “Being in the studio for twenty hours a day isn’t fun, but it’s a great job. But we try to make that our clubhouse and separate that from the business, kind of. So we’re still in that… playing in the sandbox, kind of, for this new record anyways. We’re still getting together in the same city, and plugging in in the same room.

“Today is actually our first day, and I’m already late, ’cause I’m here talking to you [laughs], so it shows you how professional we still are.”

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