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Ryze-Up’s 2018 Music Festival Survival Guide

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Ryze-Up’s 2018 Music Festival Survival Guide

Since Music Festival Season is quickly approaching, we have put together this Music Festival SURVIVAL GUIDE to help you get prepared!

• First & foremost, make sure you have your tickets and ID/License on you before leaving for the festival! Having to go all the way back home to retrieve items can be a real bummer!

• Eat a decent meal before you go! You’ll be outside all day (probably drinking booze) so having something on your stomach is a good start! It’s also one less meal you’ll have to pay for at the festival. (festival food tends to be pricey!)

• Bring a bandana or something similar to cover your face. The large amount of people walking around can create dust clouds making it harder to breathe.

• Earplugs may come in handy, and won’t take up much space.

• Download the festival’s app if they have one. There is usually a map to help you find things quicker, along with other important info.

• Carry CASH! Go to an ATM BEFORE you get to the festival to avoid being charged outrageous fees.

• Put on comfy clothes and shoes, remember this is an all-day affair! You also may have to walk a long distance to get to and from your car so comfy shoes are a must!

• Plan ahead! Check the lineup schedule online (or the festival app) beforehand, to know which stages your favorite bands are playing on and when, so you don’t miss out!

• Remember where you parked! (Write it down if you have to!)

• Wear and bring sunscreen. Make sure it’s waterproof, and the higher the spf. the better! (Remember, you’ll be outside ALL day!)

• Baby wipes, a small pack of tissues & hand sanitizer can come in handy when having to use the outdoor bathroom facilities.

• A running belt can be useful to store your ID, money and cell phones under your shirt and they are just about impossible to lose!

• WATER is very important! Drink plenty of it before & during the festival! Most festivals allow you to bring in one unopened bottle of water (Check the festival website for their policies) If so, it’s a good idea to keep track of your water bottle for refills at hydrating stations. (These are usually free!) We suggest Scoping those out upon arriving!

• Ponchos are handy if there is any call for rain.

• Take a friend (or group of friends); The buddy system can be important at big festivals for safety reasons! Pick a spot to meet in if you get separated for any reason!

• Last, but not least – HAVE FUN and remember that everyone is there to have a good time so leave the drama at home!

We hope this guide is helpful! See you at a Festival soon!

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