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Jillianne is a Pop Singer, Songwriter, actress, dancer, CEO of her own entertainment company and a former Model. She is also known in the Charlotte area as a Harley Quinn cosplayer and describes herself as a bit of a nerd. She was born in Clearwater Florida, at Morton Plant Hospital. She moved to Harrisburg NC at the age of 5 when she was adopted by her current family. After a flood damaged the family home she moved to Concord NC and grew up there. Jillianne was inspired to be a model as a young teen after a visit to a photo studio with the Girl Scouts. She knew immediately that this is what she wanted to do. As the photographer showed them how the studio worked, and she watched the beautiful model working in front of the camera, she knew. However, she didn’t pursue that dream until later in life after tragedy struck her family in 2009. Her father passed away unexpectedly. That event was the catalyst for all that has come since.

Jillianne sits on a couch across the room from me dressed is a bright yellow bikini, hair in in a ponytail and wearing a black ball cap. We can hear the boats on Lake Wylie through the screen doors.

L: You have quite the resume’ – Singer, Songwriter, Dancer, Harley Quinn Cosplayer, President and CEO of Glitterazzi Entertainment, former model and self-proclaimed nerd (Jillianne Laughs). Tell me how this whole journey started for you?

Read more of what she had to say in the August 2017 Edition of Ryze-Up Magazine!!!


August 2017

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