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Interview | New Artist Spotlight – Keys And Vices

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Interview | New Artist Spotlight – Keys And Vices

Read our Exclusive Interview With KEYS AND VICES in This Month’s Issue of Ryze-Up Magazine (Linked Below)

Keys And Vices

Interview | New Artist Spotlight – Keys And Vices: You have such a wonderful sound to your music.  How would you say the style came to be with the current lineup?

Jennifer: First of all,
thank you so much for listening to our album! The style of music is a little
sporadic if you listen to the album in full, because I wrote/recorded most of
them by myself prior to forming this band. When you listen to tracks like “Out
of My Head” and “How Do I”, you’ll hear the direction all our new music is
taking with all 3 of us writing the music together.

How long have you been playing music

Jennifer: I’ve been
singing since I can remember, playing piano since 7, guitar since 14 and
songwriting since I was 15. I met Kris and Kevin when I was 20 years old and
our previous band was my first official band! We won’t discuss how long we’ve
been friends because most people will do the math and then realize how old I am

Kevin: I started playing strings when I was 9 and started playing with Kris around the age of 12. Jenn came into the picture 12 years ago and the chemistry the 3 of us have together makes it impossible for me to play with anyone else. It’s like a ride or die thing with this trio and I’d never go anywhere else, unless Lily Allen calls me for some bass licks but that would only be temporary!….

Read the FULL Interview in this month’s issue below... (Click the photo of the magazine below to view!)

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