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Awaken I Am

Interview | Awaken I Am |The track “Dissolution” came across my desk and I immediately enjoyed jamming out to it.  Sadly, it was the last track you got to record with Connor.  We hate to hear about something so sad, please tell us how you’ve turned the situation into something positive.

AIA: Our goal with our new EP was to have a way to express and work through our emotions. After releasing “Kin” we’ve had so many people reach out to us saying that it really connected with them after losing someone close to them. For us, this is the most positive outcome we could ask for; that others struggling through similar situations could connect and it could be a comfort for them.

You’re releasing “The Beauty In Tragedy” on April 26, in memory of Connor.  How difficult yet necessary was it was to create this EP?

AIA: It was the hardest time we have ever had to face as a band, but in times of grief being able to channel that and lean into our creativity has been the best outlet for us…

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April 2019