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Indigo Girls’ New Video for “Go” Issues Inspiring Call To Action

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Indigo Girls’ New Video for “Go” Issues Inspiring Call To Action

Indigo Girls Issue Inspiring Call To Action With New Video for “Go”

 Featuring University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra and

Created In Partnership with Never Again MSD

 Watch “Go” HERE

July 18, 2018 – Nashville, TN – Voting rights.  Civil rights.  Marriage equality.  School safety.  Gun reform.  During each of America’s social movements, the voices of the young, old, and marginalized have galvanized to evoke a new and more progressive era.  Indigo Girls give voice to that activist spirit in their song “Go,” an anthem borne out of their own experience of facing prejudice.  The song, a stirring call to action that challenges the listener to “raise your hands high, don’t take a seat, don’t stand aside this time, don’t assume anything, just go” is as inspiring and relevant as when the song was written.

Originally inspired 20 years ago by the reaction of high school students to the cancellation of the band’s shows on campuses in the Southeast due to the band members’ sexuality and lyrical content, Amy Ray & Emily Saliers were moved by the class walkouts and protests of young people in the face of discrimination. As their urgent lyrics proclaim:

I know the kids are still upsetters

‘Cause rock is cool but the struggle is better

Go go go…

Did they tell you it was set in stone?

That you’d end up alone?

Use your years to psyche you out

You’re too old to care

You’re too young to count

I said
Go Go Go

Those words prove newly resonant in the wake of student action against gun violence in schools.  This new “Go” music video — created in partnership with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida — showcases some of the powerful images from the March For Our Lives held earlier this year.  Along with the visuals of mobilized young people, the new symphonic arrangement performed by the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra helps underscore the song’s pointed message.

This video is being released in the midst of the students’ Road To Change Tour with a call to action to educate, register, and motivate young people to vote and refuse to accept gun violence as an unsolvable issue.  The efforts are powered by Rock The Vote, one of the many socially conscious organizations Indigo Girls have partnered with in the past.

Watch the video for “Go”  HERE

“When I feel mired down in the muck of our times, I look to the wisdom of the elders who paved the way, and the bravery and energy of the youth who are out there hitting the streets, creating the movements like March for Our Lives, Black Lives Matter, and marching against our nation’s untenable immigration policies,” said Ray.

Activism has played an integral role in the lives of Ray and her musical partner Emily Saliers throughout the band’s career.

“Music helps us understand the world around us, and songs have always been a galvanizing force in social movements,” reflects Saliers. “It’s absolutely critical that we harness that passion for justice and vote. We have the power to elect people who can truly enact the change we seek.”

The band’s newly released album Indigo Girls Live With The University Of Colorado Symphony Orchestra showcases their greatest hits along with fan favorites, featuring orchestral arrangements by Sean O’Loughlin and Stephen Barber.  It’s available in digital, cd, and vinyl configurations now wherever music is sold and by clicking here.

Concert film directed by  Cooper Carter at CarterFilm Productions.  Special thanks to Eric Garner. Video editor: Ryan Pawlak.

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