FEATURED ARTIST | All That Remains

With this new album give us a little insight on what drove the sound and feel of the music.

The whole process was a little bit…well a whole lot different from what we were used to. We used to record at home a lot and work with the same producers, but this time we went out to LA for a different approach. The approach in this band has always been music first, you know guitars being written then vocals, but this time around the vocals were getting done even before songs were being completed. There was a lot more of a vocal approach to get this one started. Phil normally waits until the last minute to do his stuff, but he went out to LA first and started sending us back ideas, basic chord progressions and vocal ideas. At that point, we were like ok we are going to be writing around that this time. It took some getting used to and adjusting, but you know, we got it done.

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October 2017