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RU Correspondent Hope Jordan caught up with Tim King of SOIL on an exclusive phone interview…

[Excerpt] Tim, you guys just celebrated 20 years as a band together.  Normally people are sending their kids off to college and doing all those things, but the band is like a child to you so how has that been over 20 years?

You know when we began to approach the 20-year mark we were all sitting around saying how did we make it to 20 years.  I mean most marriages don’t last that long, and we are married to four of us you know.  And it has been such a crazy ride, with so many ups and downs, but a lot more ups than downs thank goodness for the band.  But we wanted to celebrate and kick it off right by putting together for the first time ever, a greatest hit best of album.  It got so well received because of the hits, and alternate mixes, along with unreleased songs, and a brand-new song, just some special things.  And everyone is like wow yeah, this band has been around for 20 years, and so it has opened so many more doors to us, as far as festivals and other opportunities, we are jammed packed with stuff between the United States, Europe and the UK all summer long and beyond.  It is really a cool thing…. Listen to the FULL audio interview below! 

Featured in July’s edition of Ryze-Up Magazine:

July 2018

Listen to the FULL audio interview with Tim King of SOIL: 

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