‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Premiere Date Set For October

Attention all you Stranger Things fans out there, Netflix announced on Tuesday (July 11) that  Stranger Things will be back in October. The news came via a tweet with a 25-second trailer that leaves you hungry for more as expected.

The clip opens with a shot of a yellow road line with the year 1984 in the Stranger Things font, with the neon numbers quickly blinking out as a three BMX bikes ride over the line and the words “Only Gets Stranger” flicker in and out.

With ominous, lightning-filled skies crackling above, the teaser ends with the words “Welcome to Hawkins” and the Oct. 27 return date.

Check out the trailer:

As part of the announcement, Netflix provided the following timeline for the show’s dramatic arc:

1953, date unknown – MKUltra comes to Hawkins and begins experimentation

1979 – Police Chief Jim Hopper returns to Hawkins

1983, November 6 – The vanishing of Will Byers

1983, November 8 – The vanishing of Barbara Holland

2016, July 15 – Part 1

2017, October 27 – Part 2

Check out the official show poster.


The kids are rocking some Ghostbuster costumes and a strange(r), spider-like monster lurks on the horizon.

Instrumental rockers S U R V I V E will once again provide the soundtrack.  SURVIVE could not talk about any specifics, but they did say to expect more synth-driven music on the second go-round.

So how many of you out there will be throwing any Stranger Things 2 viewing parties out there?  Take some pics and video and let us know!!!

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