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Interview | ReverbNation Partnered Artist SALIO

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Interview | ReverbNation Partnered Artist SALIO

Interview | ReverbNation Partnered Artist SALIO discusses “Bring Me Love” + more!


Interview | ReverbNation Partnered Artist SALIO | “Bring Me Love” was the track that brought you to our attention through ReverbNation.  It’s so well done give us a backstory on how you developed such a well-arranged sound with your music.

Well, the magic on the production comes from the wizards’ forms
of Stephen Antonelli and Nate Lanzino at Songbuilder Studios in
Baltimore. Stephen and Nate had selected me to work with from
over 3000 acts and they pieced the whole project together, I just turned up
with some ideas, the lyrics and the voice and was put into a recording session
with several musicians and we all started piecing it together from
there. We basically all sat down in a room together for over a week and wrote
the Studio Sessions EP which has a sound all its own when compared to the rest
of my material. I must say to the guys at Songbuilder Studios in Baltimore that
it was a pleasure working with them and their professionalism is quite

Now, when did you begin your career in music?

I started learning the piano when I was seven years old and started writing my own songs when I was 11. My teacher always told me that I was useless and ugly and would never be able to do anything in music and so I wrote my first song called ‘Varskvlavebi’ or ‘Stars’. My family all thought it was a joke. Two years later it had become a national anthem and young and old still sing it today in my home country of Georgia. I still get videos sent to me of young children learning to speak by singing that song still today…

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