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House of Rejects

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House of Rejects

Well thanks so much for sharing your time with the Ryze Fam today so we can get to know you better. Delusion is the track that brought you to Ryze and its pretty dope!!! Tell us about the track and what it’s about, and why it was created.

Delusion is about waking up to the world around you and seeing the life that you could be living. Being completely captured by an awesome purpose and a reason to exist.

We get so caught up in ourselves and looking at the way people see us and how we want people to see us we become delusional and forget how amazing the people around us truly are. Things that should be easy to see become almost impossible.

Most people think this song is about a girl and depending on what you’re going through at the time, it easily could be. We always try to be very universal in our writing, so it meets people at their point of need.

However, when I was writing this song and most of this album in fact, I had just come from another band that was enjoying a lot of success in the Christian Rock scene and it broke up suddenly. It left me feeling desperate and alone.

I was constantly looking for answers to what had just happened and why. Everything especially a successful music career seemed out of reach, then I began to realize that I had become so caught up in my struggle wrapped up in myself that I was missing the world God was laying out before me.

Be sure and check out the rest of this interview in the February 2019 edition of Ryze-Up!!!

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