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August Featured Model | Holly Gregg

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August Featured Model | Holly Gregg

So, Holly it’s nice to get to sit and speak with you today. First off for those getting to know you tell us how you got into modeling and how long have you been doing this?

Well, I got into modeling when I was younger. I remember my mom taking me to a photo shoot when I was just a little girl and I fell in Love right in that moment with modeling. It wasn’t till about a year ago that I got into modeling again. I always would play around with my phone camera and take photos of myself and set the timer, so I can take photos in different outfits through the years, but it wasn’t till 2017 that I got in touch with “modeling” again. Thanks to my brother, Jordan Hill, who is an upcoming photographer, I was able to fall back in love with modeling over this past year and he’s helped me with so much, even signing with Maevee Modelz. So, it truly has been a dream come true lately.

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