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Featured Artist Interview | TesseracT

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Featured Artist Interview | TesseracT

Thanks so much once again James for taking the time out to speak with the Ryze Nation today. I first had the chance to listen to your music in 2015, I was working on some things for Ryze and Polaris popped up on the radio in YouTube, and I just remember listening to the whole album all the way through and really liking it. It is very rare that I can listen to a whole album and appreciate each song. So that prompted me to listen to Altered State, One and Perspective, all of which, I think is great work. So tell the Ryze Nation how TesseracT came to be.

Tesseract started as Acle Kahney (guitar)’s solo project and grew within what was to become the ‘djent’ movement, along side Periphery / Bulb, Chimpspanner and more. The first live lineup started jamming in 2006 after we (me acle jay and mos) had met playing in other bands on the UK gigging circuit; we played our first shows in 2007 and it went from there. Vocalist Dan Tompkins joined the band in 2009 to complete the present-day lineup.

Be sure and check out the rest of the interview in the May 2018 Edition of Ryze-Up Magazine!!!

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