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Ryze-Up Exclusive Interview | Falling Through April

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Ryze-Up Exclusive Interview | Falling Through April

To the band’s founders (Jim Siani, Dave Piontek, Taylor Foster, Dan Candia) You guys formed FTA in 2011. Did you guys always have the intent of having a female vocalist to create the band’s sound and image you all were looking for?

Dave Piontek : I wouldn’t say that we have always intended on having a female vocalist but I had always wanted to be a part of female led rock band. I have always been a huge fan of the mixture of big rock with melodic vocals. When Mikaela auditioned I was a big advocate for her. She added something special to our music that was very much welcomed.

Dan Candia : I’ve always wanted to start a project with a female lead vocalist – before it was such a popular thing to do; Pre-Paramore days. Because the market was dominated by males for such a long time, and even still is really, it was especially hard to find the right talent in a limited amount of people at the time. Bands like Halestorm, Paramore, The Pretty Reckless, etc. have definitely paved the way for females to feel more confident and more widely accepted in the industry……

Check out the rest of this amazing interview in the February 2018 Edition of Ryze-Up Magazine!!!

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