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Thanks for taking the time to chill and chat with the Ryze Fam tonight. In partnership with ReverbNation you were chosen because of that wicked dope track Me, Myself & I. Now when I first heard the track it just set the tone because of how smooth it is. Give us some insight on how that song came to be.

My pleasure! Thank you for choosing me! Me Myself & I is my first official music production and I wrote the song in less than an hour. Sometimes a song takes months to finish and other times you’re lucky- like in this case ha-ha. I started with the music- drums, keys etc. to set the mood. Then the Words and melody just came to me.

So, you’re also the producer of the music? Now that’s phat!!!! When did you begin with your career in music production for yourself?

Yes! I graduated from the independent music production program at UCLA in December 2018, and I basically made my first music production in September 2017, when I first started school. I just wanted to learn how to produce my own music because I got tired of working with flaky people.

See what else this talented artist has to say in the February 2019 edition of Ryze-Up Magazine!!!

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