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Interview | LAV.ISH – Read our Exclusive Interview With LAV.ISH in This Month’s Issue of Ryze-Up Magazine (Linked Below)


Interview | LAV.ISH – Thanks for taking this time to chill with the Ryze Fam today Carl and Nim. Let’s dive right into it. LAV.ISH dropped into the Ryze radar with the song Hippy Kids. Let the Fam know what drove the creation of that track and tell us exactly what it’s about.

Ayyyyy what up Ryze Fam! Hippy Kids is about grinding for whatever it is that makes you happy. a bit cheesy we know, but we think it’s important to stick with your dreams .it helps with keeping your mind right and makes you, you. “Long days, Longer Nights” the whole song is hitting on the 10,000 hours concept of sticking to it no matter what.

That’s fresh, it was nice to hear some hip hop that wasn’t over saturated with profanity as well. Good job. Love the positive vibes. Now in the spirit of getting to know you better, how many members of the group are there and explain the . in your name it’s a cool but subtle addition.

Thank you for that, we appreciate it. There are 6 of us. Carl & Nim- Vocalists Brandon- Keys & producer Lucas- DJ & Producer Jared – insane on the guitar & producer Tyler-Guitar & producer the dot in the middle represents our attention to detail. It changes the whole meaning of the name LAVISH. Because of the dot in the middle it becomes LAV.Ishhh our way of saying, we aren’t quite lavish just lavishhh. We have hopes to one day be able to live lavishly but even when that time comes, we will always only be lavishhh, and remember where we came from.

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June 2019