Diamond Dixie

Interview | Diamond Dixie

Diamond Dixie

Interview | Diamond Dixie – Thanks again for spending some time with us today. For those who don’t know about Diamond Dixie tell the Ryze Fam how the group became to be.

Thanks so much for having us. We’re sisters and have been playing music close to 11 years. Our dad always played music and got us into music at a young age and we’ve been sticking with it ever since

You two are very talented and have great music. I am a metal head personally, but those tracks Gone and Moving On, and Limitless will have to be in my playlist. Speaking of those two tracks what is the inspiration behind them? Any personal fuel on the lyrics?

Thanks so much for listening! We always try to take personal experiences and emotions and use that to fuel our songwriting. Limitless was specifically written to show that no matter what struggle anyone faces, they can overcome it if they believe in themselves.

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June 2019