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Interview | Alive In Barcelona

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Interview | Alive In Barcelona

Interview | Alive In Barcelona – Read our Exclusive Interview With Alive In Barcelona in This Month’s Issue of Ryze-Up Magazine (Linked Below)

Alive In Barcelona

Interview | Alive In Barcelona –Thanks so very much for chillin with the Ryze Family today.  That track and video Zombies is really on point and very relevant for today.  What made you want to release that track for the masses?

Thank you so much for
taking the time to speak with me! The message that we tried to get across with
our music video for Zombies is something that is very near and dear to our
hearts. Social media is incredibly pervasive in our culture, and we feel as if
it’s growing centrality in our daily lives has caused more and more individuals
to value spending time with others in digital landscapes rather than
prioritizing real world relationships. With the nature of our work, we spend a
considerable amount of time tracking metrics with our band social media pages
as well as interacting with each other and fans online, and that has caused
some of us to lose focus on living in the present, and we focus too much on
living in the future instead. We wanted to put a video together that conveyed
the potential damage that can come from overvaluing your presence on the
internet, and we hope that it may lead others to think about how much time they
spend on the internet, and how that time could be better spent focusing on the
present and living in the real world.

House of Memories is a sweet track as well, I like the vocal mix of aggressive vs melodic in that one.  What would you say influenced your sound with the music?

House of Memories is about the experience Jesse went through when he had to sift through his dad’s belongings after his father passed away unexpectedly. When visiting his family home, he felt his house change from a house of love to a house of memories filled with material items that reminded him of his father. We wanted Matt’s vocal part to symbolically represent the somber feeling that Jesse felt after his dad passed away, while the screaming vocals were meant to represent the anger and frustration that Jesse felt after feeling like his father was unjustly taken from him….

Read the FULL Interview in this month’s issue… (Click the photo of the mag below to view for free)

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