Featured Artist Interview | House Of Curses

Sup Ryze Fam!!! Well we want to introduce you to another band from our ReverbNation artsts list. We got to chill with Joshua from House of Curses and this is how we kicked it…..

Thanks, so much Jonathan for chillin with me and the Ryze-Fam this evening. You are one of the ReverbNation artist chosen in our partnership program so congrats!!! The song “Lucky Stars” was the winning track. The track is smooth and has this real mellow dark and dirty feel I loved it!!!! Tell me the motivation behind that song.

No problem. Honestly, all our music comes from a place that we don’t even know existed, it just kind of comes out. Dans lyrics come from a place I think is super personal. He wrote the original backbone of the song, we all came together and made it what it is today, of course, with the help of Shane Stanton, Kurt at Architekt Music, in Butler, NJ.

Be sure to check out the rest of the interview below!!!!!!

January 2019