Featured Artist Interview | Almost Awake

So we have continued our partnership with ReverbNation this year. For this months new artist we want to introduce you to “Almost Awake”. They are a VERY talented group of young musicians out of Las Vegas. We got a chance to chill with Vick, the lead vocalist for AA. Here is how it went down!!!

Well thank you so much for taking the time to speak to the Ryze-Fam tonight. You were selected from a vast pool of ReverbNation artists to be featured in Ryze. “Dizzy” was the track that you submitted. Tell us a bit more about the track and why you chose that one to use.

“Dizzy” is our upcoming single, we are super excited about it as it’s a song we’ve had written for a long time now. We really think everyone is going to love it & lyrically it’s a relatable one for sure. The mix is great & we just can’t wait to get it out into the universe!!

Read the full interview in this month’s issue of Ryze-Up Magazine below!!!!

January 2019