Featured Artist Interview | ERA9

Well Ryze-Fam, we received a wonderful opportunity over the summer to team up with ReverbNation and launch a campaign to find new music to expose you to. The campaign reached over 900,000 individuals for the timeframe, and because of the success we are doing it again! So, look for more new artists here on Ryze-Up. And if you want to submit head over to ReverbNation, join up and submit. This new campaign ends Jan 21, 2019.

Now with great pleasure we would like to introduce the first band selected from the opening campaign Era9 out of Canada. We got to sit down and speak with Laurie Normandin, vocalist with Era9, and this is how it went down:

“Thanks again Laurie for taking the time to speak with the Ryze Nation today. Love the music we were impressed with the song “Hero” and that was followed up by “Black Widow”. The Era9 sound is cool. What inspired that direction for the band?

Well the band used to be a rock band, but at one-point Marco, our drummer was doing a lot of EDM/hip hop beats and song ideas, and the guys really liked it and felt that incorporating that into their actual rock music could give the songs a cool and original vibe, so it started that way. They decided to name it Trap Rock. They were also listening to a lot of different style of music, so of course you get inspired by that too, and they discovered that Lallz had a great talent for singing and raping, so they changed that as well….”

Read the full Interview with Laurie from Era9 in the December 2018 edition of Ryze-Up Magazine (below)!!

December 2018