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Interview | Spotlights

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Interview | Spotlights
Interview | Spotlights – Read our Exclusive Interview With SPOTLIGHTS in This Month’s Issue of Ryze-Up Magazine (Linked Below)

Interview | Spotlights – So, what can I say about “Love & Decay”, only wow!!!  So, I got to preview the album and it completely blew me away.  Before we get into the album tell the Ryze family a bit about the band – its members themselves.

Well, Sarah and I are a married couple.  We met through
music about 10 years ago and have been playing in bands together since 2010.
Chris is our surrogate man child, who we love very much.  He’s a music
industry man, who works for the marketing side of Revolver magazine.  You
might know him from his flashy online personality. 

The dark and melodic yet heavy sound is sweet.  Knowing
each band perfects their own unique sound, did you have any outside influences
from other bands you may look up to yourselves?

I think it’s impossible to not have influences.  There are so many bands that have played a part in what Spotlights sounds like that’s it would be tough to name one or two. But, some of our long-time favorites are Melvins, The Cure, Mew, HUM, Helmet, Quicksand… the list goes on and on….

Read the FULL Interview in this month’s issue… (Click the photo of the mag below to view for free)

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