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Ryze-Up® Magazine™ publishes the daily music/entertainment/model website as well as a monthly digital magazine. Our main focus is on the rising up of individuals that want more out of life than just the simple 9-5 job. Our largest focus as you can see is the Music scene. But we are not just limited to that. Our content includes everything from, MUA’s, to Models, to Movies, TV shows, Concert coverage, Arts, Cars, you name it we will most likely cover it. We just want to be sure the content deals with the stories of how someone is trying to Ryze-Up above the norm. So, if there are other cool things that show the motivation to Ryze above then we will be sure to find it and publish it. For our unknown individuals, we devote magazine space to all of you that qualify to be alongside more established artists, whatever that style of art may be.

When it comes to entertainment, Ryze-Up® strives to feature a wide range of interests. The magazine also chooses to be involved with other areas such as television, books, visual arts and cultural commentary. One sure way to be a writer for Ryze is to give us an article with ideas that we have not had a chance to come up with ourselves! Have your content tie into a music piece or art spot, even fashion! Know some great new ways for those who Ryze to share their music or work, make life a bit easier? Then that’s what we want!

Ryze-Up® Magazine welcomes unsolicited articles from anyone who believe what they have to say is appropriate for our readers. Please read the magazine and the website so you are familiar with the type of content we publish!

Questions wanting approval of an idea may be sent to

Ryze-Up will assist in obtaining interviews, attending events, etc. as needed and available. Ryze-Up® will provide digital links, press passes and tickets for assignments that we choose to send you on.

*******VERY IMPORTANT NOTE*******:

Solicitation of record labels, promoters, artists, ETC on behalf of Ryze-Up® must be done in coordination with Ryze-Up® editors. If you want to chase a story or idea down which requires the use of our name for access, it must be authorized by Ryze-Up® prior to contact with any source.

Submissions may be edited and may be published at any time. Writers are not compensated monetarily. Ryze-Up® retains the right to also publish everything that appears in our magazine on the website and other sites that use our content. Because of not being compensated monetarily you will most likely have contact with your favorite artists, attend live shows for free, movie passes for free, and be able hear/review music prior to public release, etc. in exchange for your content contribution.

Ryze-Up® Magazine™ is produced and published on a monthly basis. Submissions for are due on the 20th of each month prior to the release date. For example all content to be used in July must be in to us by the 20th of June. All magazines are published on the first day of every month. Is a daily site, which operates non stop. Content to be used for site must be turned in for editing/publishing on the website no later than 36 hours post event.

Guidelines for writing with us:
Express your Personal Style
Show us your voice, speak on your opinion, but be solid on your reasoning behind that opinion. Your article/writing must show your maturity and emphasize substantial thought and not just an unjustified attitude. But make that article yours, put your signature on it with your style of writing as long as it is appropriate.

YOU MUST Be thorough. ALWAYS do an interview with a tape recorder, and save the tapes in case there’s an alleged discrepancy. If you use a messenger service to interview SAVE THE MESSAGES. If you are unsure of any facts in the article, please tell us at the beginning of the article, that way we can help you verify the facts or remove them.

What we’re looking for…

Each feature needs to involve contact with the artist (we will help set these up for you – either in person or telephone interviews if needed). These need to be well-researched, well-written pieces from an original angle. We’d like these to be more than just typical interviews, we want these to be interesting articles diving into the art of the individual. Incorporate song lyrics. Use narrative structures. Appeal to a variety of the reader’s senses—place them in the room with the artist. Make it relevant to the reader’s life—why should they care about this person’s article?

Topics have included rock festivals, independent films, books and music videos. Trend stories don’t necessarily have to be related to music or film, but are preferred.

We strive to give you free range on reviews. We want to know how this artist touches your life and the way they make you feel. Personalize the article make is have your stamp of flavor on it, but be sure the article is not based ON YOU! You are there to cover the music, artists, crowd, etc.. Nobody wants to know about how you looked cute for the show or how many Jack and Cokes you took down. We don’t want our music reviews classified as boring to read, make sure they are fair and objective NOT tearing down the artists and they should also be creative. We respect the story based on an unknown band that is entertaining, but a simple review with no creative insight on a national act would still suck.


In addition to music, we want to cover films that have great artistic meaning. These include upcoming art-house films, documentaries, foreign films and movies that are major motion pictures.


We also cover books, television shows, radio programs, music DVDs, videogames, etc. addressing the music and culture from an open minded perspective. If you have suggestions, we’d love to hear them.


We can have active hyperlinks in any article and we support video. So if you have a well produced video to add substance to your article then by all means include the link to that video as well. Any links you would like to add for reference of material or to link to a particular website for the article it can be done.

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