Ryze-Up™ Magazine offers an advertising platform to fit any budget while giving our clients optimum exposure.  Our audience is technologically savvy and primarily utilizes the internet for entertainment, shopping, and news.

Our digital issues use some of the latest developments in electronic distribution including mobile applications and interactivity, and VIDEO! Ads in our digital issues can function and perform as your own personal store.  Think about the future of advertising with Ryze-Up.  You can now have an ad with a video embedded to help sell the impact to your customers.   All still at a price that you can’t afford to not take advantage of. RYZE-UP™ Magazine’s demographics are highly coveted, with over 59% of our audience in the 18-34 year old range.  We are a 100% digital company.  We are a green company striving to Ryze expectations on how to advertise and entertain.  We cover music, movies, entertainment issues, concerts, live events and more.



• Bands/Record Labels

• Booking Agents/Tour Promoters

• CD Manufacturers/Music Distribution Companies

• Concert Clubs/Venues

• Musical Equipment Companies

• Non-Profit Organizations

• Radio Stations/Podcasts

• Energy Drink/Alcohol Companies

• Clothing/Apparel Companies

• Clothing Designers

• Models

• MUA’s

• Tattoo Companies

• Game Developers

• Novelty Food Companies

• Entertainment Lawyers/Agencies

• Designers/Photographers

If you need to advertise we are the perfect source for you


Are you an unsigned artist trying to be heard by a larger audience? Ryze-Up™ Magazine’s mission is to assist you on your Ryze to the top. Get your music and message to the masses like never before. Not only will we be featuring you the hard working artist in our magazine, but it will be interwoven with the large and well known artist so that you can be seen by a multitude of fans which will allow you to be marketed to users looking for new artists like yourself.  Be sure to use our services and invite us to your local shows so we can review and share with our readers.



Hey merch companies! Photographers and recording studios! Agencies and publishers! Small Business! Trying to reach the musicians, artists, actors, models, etc.? Not only are our demographics lovers and fans of those things, they are upcoming specialists in the specified field as well, because Ryze-Up™ Magazine caters to everyone.


For more information or to advertise with Ryze-Up™ Magazine, please contact us at




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