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Stone Sour To Release New Album Named Hydrograd

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Stone Sour To Release New Album Named Hydrograd

“Hydrograd” is the title of the new album, from Stone Sour due this summer.  Corey Taylor told Rock Cellar magazine about the upcoming album. “We are doing everything old school. We’re recording it live and then layering stuff on top of it. We are doing a song a day, and we’ve already done nine songs; we’re about halfway done. And, yeah, it is incredible; it’s the best stuff we’ve ever written.”

Taylor also commented about the new albums style, saying: “It is such a great amalgam of all of these different styles that we just absolutely love. It’s got a little bit of the heavy, like we like to do, but it’s also way more hard rock — way more rock ‘n’ roll and hard rock than heavy. I mean, there’s even a little bit of punk in there. And there’s an energy there that is gonna decimate and blow away a lot of stuff that comes out [this] year. That’s how excited I am.”

In 2015 Christian Martucci became the permanent replacement for Jim Root, who was dismissed from the band in late 2013. Martucci was recruited to play on that 2013 tour and was confirmed as a permanent member in March 2015 in a Facebook post.

After Root was fired, he said, “Some of the guys, I think they just want to be a radio band and write strictly for radio and try to be more of a poppy rock band. And that’s not really what I’m into. There’s at least one guy in the band that’s only concerned about money. I really have no desire to associate with people like that anymore.”

Root played on all five studio records to date.

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