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Ryze-Up Exclusive Interview | Ten Miles Wide

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Ryze-Up Exclusive Interview | Ten Miles Wide
Seattle Music Scene:
Writing the next Generation:
Ten Miles Wide
Written by: Craig Brzezinski
I’ve decided to write a series on the music scene that had transformed from a scene to a movement. I’ll be highlighting Seattle bands that are poised to carry this legendary movement into the next generation.
Every city has a music scene. There’s a great music scene here in Chicago that’s loaded with talent. Seattle however, is so much more than a city with a scene. It truly is a movement that has created a genre of music that has become among the most popular in the country.
Brief History Lesson:
Bands such as the U-Men and Green River are credited with the beginning of this style of music that ultimately became known as the grunge era.
Some of the most famous bands ever have come from Seattle including, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains and Nirvana. These are the bands that boosted the grunge movement into the most popular and influential form of alternative rock music.
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