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Album Review | Scott Collins – Let’s Start Here EP

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Album Review | Scott Collins – Let’s Start Here EP

Scott Collins – Let’s Start Here EP

Review by: Colin Steele

Overall Rating: 5 / 5 

Top Tracks: “For You” & “Bones Are Buried”

Most of my friends know me as a metal guy.  The heavier, the better.  What many don’t know is that my dad was HUGE into the contemporary folk revival of the early 90’s.  I spent the better part of ages 12 – 23 (when he passed) listening to this music with him.  After he died, I continued to keep up with his favorite artists (and still do).  I enjoy them in my own right.  Although, I hadn’t found any newer/young artists that quite stood up to the greats I was raised on.  Scott Collins has changed that.  His newest offering, Let’s Start Here, is pure gold.  I had never heard of him before, but now I’m kicking myself for not finding him sooner.  He has a wonderful voice that would do great in rock, yet it shines among his guitar/violin mixture.  The vocal lines remind me of Lucy Kaplansky and Dar Williams in male form.  Many of the newer acts I’ve heard tend to be on the bluegrassy side.  Which is great, I like that too…but Scott gives me that comfort of bohemian coffee-shop folk.  Like he was born 20 years too late.  I relate a lot to that in my own acoustic music.  The playing is fairly straightforward with some nice fingerpicking and the violin compliments it beautifully.  The production itself is clear and well done, but not overdone and super polished.   I really wish this was a full length, honestly.  This EP takes me back to a place I really only get to visit when listening to those mid 90’s folk albums I grew up on.  I feel my dad would have really been into this record, and that’s saying A LOT.

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