Saturday 30th May 2015,
Ryze Up


Good Teeth Can Help Your Music Career: Queen City Dental
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A great smile can help your music career hit the top of the charts. Musicians like actors are always in front of fans, whether it be in photographs, in a video, or live on stage. Your [...]

Featured Artist

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MURS is one of several “mad-talented” artists on the Strange Music label. I had the sway opportunity to talk to MURS about his career, life, the industry, and his new album; Have A Nice Life, [...]

Featured Model

Dream Team
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Check out some up and coming models you are sure to love. Say hello to Brislan Bellamy, Gabriela Marte, and Gwen Hayes!!! These could be Ryze-Up Gemz in the making we shall see!!! February 2015 [...]


How Much Would You Pay For Music Per Year
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Tidal now sports some of the world’s biggest pop stars.  The artists include Jay Z, Beyonce, Madonna, Rihanna and Kanye West.  The idea behind it?  All artists should always get the money they deserve.   But do you [...]

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Dancers, MC’s and DJ’s Needed For Breakin Convention (Auditions)
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The Breakin Convention is now conducting auditions for its first visit to the Queen in October. If you are a hip hop dancer, MC or DJ you need to check this, and check it now! CLICK [...]